How To Use Music To
Increase Your Child's
Math And Reading Skills

Considerable research concludes musical training helps children do better in school than those without musical training. Enter your first name and email to receive  a Free Video Lesson & Report: “How music helps your child do better in school”.

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Now Anyone Can Teach Their Children Music! 
It’s so easy.  You just put the DVD in the player and your child interacts with it, while you facilitate the activities.  
You and your child just have fun with music. 

Why would you want your child to learn music?

Because considerable research concludes there is a link between musical training and children doing well in school, scoring higher in reading and math, and general cognitive functioning related to memory and attention. 

Is it expensive?

It’s only $29.90 per quarter and includes 1 DVD, 2 CD’s, parent’s instructions and shipping. It’s your to keep and use when it’s convenient
for you and your child.

What does it teach? 

It teaches the fundamentals of music, rhythm, note values, musical symbols, instruments, vocal skills, the orchestra, creative movement, introduction to great classical pieces. But it teaches much more!

This curriculum also targets your child’s development in 5 key areas: Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Physical and Musical while he or she has fun with music. 

This accomplishes far more than a sing-a-long entertainment DVD.

Often other children are pictured doing the activity. Sometimes I use various puppets and props.

Each quarter you will receive DVD’s that have 13 lessons, with each lesson being 20 to 25 minutes. You don’t need to do the whole lesson at one time. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and repeats what has been learned. Then a new lesson is added so there is always something familiar and then something new.

“As a homeschooling mom on a limited budget, I was searching for a music curriculum that I could do with my kids at home. The Exploring Music videos are great! Each lesson is interactive, educational, and fun! My kids are age 1, 4 and 7, and they love it and they’re learning! Miss Lisa does a wonderful job of teaching and speaks to the kids as if she’s right here in the living room with us!”

Another homeschooling mom, Jen Claytor, writes: “I love the confidence I see growing in my son through participating in the Exploring Music lessons. He is matching pitches and learning to keep a steady beat, but more importantly, he is gaining the confidence to participate and share his voice with the world around him."

You, too, can give your child the benefits that music provides to aid their brain development, and what it does for them socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. 

To receive a Free Video Lesson and Report: How music helps your child do better in school, please enter your first name and email in the box to the above.


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